Our Company History In Brief

Soil fertility is decreasing at an alarming rate in Bangladesh and in the entire world as well. According to the Ministry of Agriculture (People’s Republic of Bangladesh), till 1967-68 to 1997-98, the decrease rate of the fertility of our soil’s agro ecological zone is 36.36% this is only because of using chemical fertilizer increasingly. Ref – (The Monthly Krishi Barta – February – 2011 – page – 18).

As per the statistics, the use of chemical fertilizers are increasing alarmingly, comparing 1960 to 2006 it’s 7 times more. In 1961 Nitrogen was used 8.6 kg per hectare but in 2006 that is dangerously increased to 62.5 kg.

During the last few decades, organic matters in the soil of Bangladesh been decreasing at an alarming rate. Organic matters in the soil of Bangladesh are only 1-2% and some cases it is less than 1.0% whereas its minimum rate is 3-5%. Ref – (The Monthly Krishi Barta – February – 2011 – page – 18)

In this critical situation, Mazim Ago Industries has established in June 2010, and introduced Mazim Organic Fertilizer to improve soil fertility and sustainability. The limited company has got the product registration from the ministry of Agriculture in 2013 and soon after its marketing is started.

The majority of organic fertilizer contains insoluble nitrogen and act as a slow-release fertilizer. By its nature, organic fertilizers increase physical and chemical properties of soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization.

To nation, Mazim Ago Industries is always committed to make a chemical free green and more prosperous Bangladesh.