Company Profile




Mazim Agro Industries Ltd is producing and selling Mazim Organic Fertilizer and seed for different crops. With a capacity of more than 2500 ton per month, we sell our product mainly in the domestic or local market (all around Bangladesh) and we are having the plant of export our products to foreign countries such as India and the Middle East. Our customers are mainly reputed fertilizer distributors and farmers with large areas of agricultural and farming land. We have some corporate customers and we also work with government sectors i.e. Ministry of Jute and Textiles, and with Tea cultivation – Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Ltd and Saif Tea Garden etc.


Our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality, natural and organic alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizer products. Few more of our mission criteria include:

  • To create an environmental friendly image in the agriculture industry by creating high quality organic products to the customers.
  • To educate and build up awareness of consumers about the benefits of organic fertilizer.


Our vision serves as the frame work for our road map and guide every aspect of our business describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth where people, planet, and partners, get benefited.

Specialty of Mazim Organic Fertilizer:

Trichoderma is a soil fungus which occurs in all type soil. Mazim Organic Fertilizer is a Trichoderma incorporated organic fertilizer which is environmental friendly and 100% organic product. During composting of OM & final packaging of organic fertilizer Trichoderma spore & mycelia fragments are added. Mazim Organic Fertilizer could be used in different fields for different purposes.