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Mazim Agro Industries Ltd., established in 2010, is mainly engaged in the production and sale of Organic Fertilizer and seed of different crops. With a capacity of more than 2500 ton per month, we sell our product mainly in the domestic or local market (all around Bangladesh) and we are having the plant of export our products to foreign countries such as India and the Middle East. Our customers are mainly reputed fertilizer distributors and farmers with large areas of agricultural and farming land. We have some corporate customers and we also work with government sectors i.e. Ministry of Jute and Textiles, and with Tea cultivation – Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Ltd and Saif Tea Garden etc.

Mazim at a Glance

Company name Mazim Agro Industries Ltd
Legal StatusMazim Agro Industries Ltd. registered its product with Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) for Manufacturer/Supplier (Wholesaler & distributor) of fertilizer, Reg. No: M-618, Registration No: SW/MoA/ 19503 is for Seed Dealer/Traders.
EstablishedJune 2010
Operational StatusOperational
Corporate office25/A Dilkusha C/A, Alamin Center (11th Floor)Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Production Capacity2500 – 3000 ton per month
Description of businessManufacturing and sale of Organic Fertilizer
Future business planManufacturing and sale of Organic Pesticides, and Fish Feed and seeds of
different crops.
Location of FactoryMawna, Shreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Basic Factory
1. Factory situated on 2.53 hectare land & 1.92 hectare land is reserved for future usages.
2. Eight (08) numbers of large size factory sheds are engaged for
production of Organic Fertilizer which is covering total 26, 240 Square Feet.
3. One (01) warehouse and Quality Control (QC) laboratory.
4. Well-equipped semi auto Dryer and Crushers, and Mixture Machine.
5. Self-dependent on Electricity by 20 KVA and 100 KVA generators.
6. Twelve (12) Pits for decomposing Organic Fertilizer.
7. Three (03) Bio gas plants which are designed and built by of GIZ.
Certificates Obtained1. Certificate from Ministry of Textiles and Jute (HYV Jute and Jute
seed production)
2. Certificate from Bangladesh Agricultural Development
Corporation(BADC) & some local DAE and Corporate Certificates
Expert Engaged Highly educated well experienced foreign (Dutch) and Local experts are engaged for Quality Control (QC) and R&D of its products development.
Mobile +880183318350/358
Phone+88027110680, +88029515689-90, +88027174231


Our mission is to develop and supply the highest quality natural and organic alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizers. Few more of our mission criteria include:

  • To create an environmental friendly image in the agriculture fields by creating high quality organic products to the customers.
  • To educate and build up awareness of consumers about the benefits of organic products especially organic fertilizer (OF).


Our vision serves as the frame work for our road map and guide in every aspect of our business describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth where people, planet, and partners, get benefited. Our target is to spread the organic fertilizer system all over the country to achieve food safety.

Our product (s)


Benefits of Mazim Organic Fertilizer

  • Improve long term soil fertility and prevent wind & water erosion of the soil.
  • Improve water & air retention capacity.
  • Reduce surface and ground water consumption and subsequent soil sanitization. Reduce ground and surface water contamination and also reduce chemical fertilizer use and imports.
  • Ensuring food security & safety by increasing food production.

Speciality of Mazim Organic Fertilizer:

Incorporation of Trichoderma (a beneficial fungus):

Trichoderma is a beneficial soil fungus which occurs in all type of soil. Mazim Organic Fertilizer is a Trichoderma incorporated organic fertilizer which is environmental friendly and 100% organic product. During composting of Organic Matters & final packaging of organic fertilizer Trichoderma spore suspension & mycelial fragments are added. Mazim Organic Fertilizer could be used in all types of agricultural fields including fruits/timber yielding plants for different purposes. Trichoderma can increase soil microbial activity, soil health & sanitation, Plant health, growth & vigor and also improved production of crops. It can control/suppress plant diseases especially the diseases which invade the plants via roots.